Garbage in, garbage out - Despite deterrents, Kasota Ponds still used as dumping ground.

No more pencils, no more books

She’s been taped to a wall, milked a goat, colored her hair pink, dressed up as a chicken and wiggled through the “Chicken Dance” in every classroom at St. Anthony Park Elementary School. On April 13 Ann Johnson donned an … more

New Bell Museum takes shape at Cleveland and Larpenteur

                Work on the new Bell Museum and Planetarium—inside and out—continues apace, with the building on schedule to open in summer 2018. Although $64 million, the bulk of the funding for the facility … more

New apartments come in very small packages

                          Pity the poor millennial. Caught between mountainous student debt loads and starting salaries that haven’t recovered from the last recession, record numbers of young adults ages 18-34 … more

Falcon Heights shops for new police contract

The City of Falcon Heights could end its policing contract with the City of St. Anthony at the end of this year. In a special meeting April 5, the Falcon Heights City Council authorized city administrator Sack Thongvanh to send … more

Despite deterrents, wildlife area still a dumping ground

Televisions, bed springs, a water heater, a de-constructed copy machine, computer monitors, and containers of waste oil and antifreeze: Those are just some of the items that ended up in eight large piles of garbage that more than 30 St. … more

Everything’s coming up road signs

                    In case you haven’t noticed, there are several road construction projects that may hamper your travel in and around Bugleland this summer. Construction season began April 3 along Snelling Avenue, … more

Wanted: Volunteers to join library association and arts fest committee

  The St. Anthony Park Library Association is looking for volunteers to help with the St. Anthony Park Arts Festival. This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, June 3. The annual festival includes more than 70 artists, a used book sale, … more

Transition Town artists will be part of Northern Spark

Northern Spark, the free all-night arts festival that happens each June in the Twin Cities, will be moving down the Green Line from 8:59 p.m. (sundown) Saturday, June 10, to 5:25 a.m. (sunrise) Sunday, June 11. This year’s theme is … more

LightHotel is lighting the garden

                        Geoffrey Warner’s LightHotel will be on display through the end of April at the St. Anthony Park Community Garden on Robbins Street in South St. Anthony. The LightHotel’s … more

Here’s what to do with your old books, CDs

The St. Anthony Park Library Association is seeking donations for its annual book sale to be held Saturday, June 3, during the St. Anthony Park Arts Festival. Please donate new or gently used books, CDs and DVDs. Textbooks or VHS/cassette … more