Ad Deadlines and Publishing Dates

The Park Bugle is published monthly. Display advertisement space reservations are due by the dates listed in the middle column below.

2017 deadlines and publication dates

The list below gives the deadlines and publication dates for each issue:
January: Wednesday, Dec. 7 (published on Tuesday, Dec. 20)


February: Wednesday, Jan. 14 (published on Tuesday, Jan. 31)


March: Wednesday, Feb. 15 (published on Tuesday, Feb. 28)


April: Wednesday, March 8 (published on Tuesday, March 21)


May: Wednesday, April 5 (published on Tuesday, April 18)


June: Wednesday, May 10 (published on Tuesday, May 23)

(includes St. Anthony Park Arts Festival guide)
July: Wednesday, June 7 (published on Tuesday, June 20)

August: Wednesday, July 5 (published on Tuesday, July 18)

September: Wednesday, Aug. 9 (published onTuesday, Aug. 22)

October: Wednesday, Sept. 6 (published on Tuesday, Sept. 19)

November: Wednesday, Oct. 18 (published on Tuesday, Oct. 31)

December: Wednesday, Nov. 8 (published on Tuesday, Nov. 21)

(includes special holiday advertising section)


January 2018: Wednesday, Dec. 6 (publication comes out on Tuesday, Dec. 19)


E-mail ad materials to or Files should be PDF, Quark, Illustrator or EPS formats.


Mail advertising materials to: Park Bugle, Attn: [Your Ad Rep], P.O. Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108-0126. Please call your ad rep to let her know you have mailed your ad copy.