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A little balance in the day

  Healing Elements of St. Anthony Park has partnered with Murray Middle School in offering restorative yoga classes to students as an alternative to recreation or reading time. Students meet...
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Urban Growler expansion under way

After just a couple of years in business, St. Anthony Park’s Urban Growler, Minnesota’s first womenowned brewery, has hit maximum capacity. The popular brewery and taproom, which also boasts the...
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Yoga in Bugleland

Wellness, both physical and mental, is a hot topic these days. Workout programs and diet fads come and go, hawked by celebrities and promising Instagrammable bodies and instant bliss. As...
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The value of staying connected

It is commonly accepted among health-care professionals that social isolation can have a negative impact on seniors, impairing mental performance, compromising the immune system and increasing the risk of disease....
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