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Scott Carlson
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Contact the editor with questions or comments about the Bugle’s editorial content, including articles, columns, commentaries and letters. The editor welcomes ideas for articles.

Obituaries Editor
Mary Mergenthal
The Bugle publishes obituaries in its Lives Lived column. Alert the obituaries editor about the deaths of current or former residents of the area. There is no charge for Bugle obituaries.

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Send information about events in the Bugle’s distribution area.

Call to report delivery problems. Please leave your phone number and address if you are reporting a delivery problem.

Fariba Sanikhatam                                                                                                  651-239-0321                                                                                           

The Bugle’s bookkeeping services are handled by Fariba Sanikhatam. Contact her with questions about billing.

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Bradley Max Wolfe (north of Como Avenue)

Clare Caffrey (south of Como Avenue and education)

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Fariba Sanikhatam

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