The District 12 Community Council (SAPCC) meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at Jennings Community Learning Center, 2455 University Ave. The council offices are located at 2395 University Ave., Suite 300 E. Contact information: 651-649-5992 or

Meet the SAPCC candidates

Four candidates are seeking seats on the SAPCC Board of Directors. There are two seats open for North St. Anthony Park and three seats open for South St. Anthony. You can vote online at through Monday, Nov. 6, or vote in-person at Wilder Mobile Market at Seal High-Rise, 825 Seal St., Wednesday, Nov. 1, 3-4 p.m., or Hampden Park Co-op, 928 Raymond Ave., Saturday, Nov. 4, 1- 3 p.m. Additional dates, locations and times will be posted at

Meet the candidates and read their candidate statements below:


North St. Anthony Park candidates

Michael Russelle has served one term on the board and is seeking a second term: I have been active in civic affairs most of my adult life, including 35 years in St. Anthony Park. I offer time, energy, skills and ideas to the board.

I would be happy to serve another term. I offer experience working collaboratively, reasonable creative, analytical and research skills, dedication for all to be heard and decisions weighted toward the common good.

My focus is to assist in guiding the community to mitigate climate change, build social equity, bonds, and networks, and improve infrastructure resilience. I am willing to take on extra work to get the things done that we want to do.

Many say St. Anthony Park is a great place to live, but others feel isolated, unheard and unattached to the neighborhood. I am committed to ensuring our council better understands and reflects the diversity of our residents to build a stronger community.


Pat Thompson: I’ve lived in St. Anthony Park for 24 years (three years in South and 21 years in North). I’m interested in community building and sustainability.

I’ve been on the SAPCC Transportation Committee for four years, now as co-chair. My greatest skill is that I show up and do what I say I will do.

I’m committed to working for a low-carbon St. Anthony Park, which is key to all of our futures. I plan to advocate annual participatory events by the committees that take place in different areas of the district each year.


South St. Anthony Park candidates

John Connell: I want to serve because I’m passionate about finding solutions to community issues and helping to make St. Anthony Park a better place for all.

As a program developer at the Wilder Foundation, I use my talents to think creatively about solutions to community issues, and I’m responsible for writing grants and raising funds for programs that inspire community leadership and civic engagement.

The future of St. Anthony Park belongs to the people who live, work and visit the neighborhood. As a board member I will use community input to help shape the future of a safe, friendly, thriving, prosperous and inclusive St. Anthony Park.

For the past year I’ve been a member of SAPCC’s Equity Committee, working to ensure that SAPCC filters its actions through the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion. As a member of SAPCC’s board, I will continue to uplift these values.


Karen Nelson: Longtime resident of St. Paul, civil engineer, resident in Westgate area of St. Anthony Park, background in civil engineering and construction, one year of experience with the Land Use Committee and Weyerhaeuser working group.

[I want to work] on the council’s efforts to pro-actively build a vision of future development in the neighborhood that better serves residents long-term and brings more affordable housing to the neighborhood.

I have special concern and commitment to racial equity from my experience working as a white ally to black community organizations for many years. As a lesbian woman, I could provide an LBGTQ perspective. I am very committed to expanding affordable housing.


Bylaw changes at SAPCC

The St. Anthony Park Community Council Board of Directors will vote on changes to the bylaws at the board meeting Thursday, Nov. 9, 7-9 p.m. at Jennings Community Learning Center, 2455 University Ave. New board directors will also be confirmed at this meeting.


Weyerhauser update on Nov. 2

Dominium will present designs for new housing developments at the Weyerhaeuser site on Franklin and Emerald at the Land Use Committee meeting Thursday, Nov. 2, at 7 p.m. at Jennings Community Learning Center. All board and committee meetings are open for community members to attend and participate in discussion.


Learn about the SAPCC 10-year plan at two community meetings

SAPCC will host two community meetings in November to unveil the 10-year plan. More than 400 people responded to the survey and hundreds more weighed in at events throughout the summer and fall. Those ideas are driving the council’s priorities for the next 10 years.

Council members will share what neighbors have said, drafts of the 10-year goals from the council committees, and include interactive activities for participants to share more feedback. The meetings will be held Saturday, Nov. 11, noon-2 p.m. at St. Paul Neighborhood Network, 550 Vandalia St., and Wednesday, Nov. 15, 6-8 p.m. at Luther Seminary, Northwestern Hall, 1501 Fulham St.


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