Murray students head to regional science fair

Students head to regional science fair.











Forty-two Murray Middle School students will take their science projects to the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair Friday, March 2, and Saturday, March 3. at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Coliseum. Here is a list of Murray’s science-fair winners and their projects:


  • Abigail Altman, How does the type of fabric affect how well the fabric will keep in heat?
  • Adam Gaudio, How does pH in water affect the growth of bean plants?
  • Alec Richardson, What color of food does a tortoise prefer?
  • Alexander Kamenov,  How does color affect the taste and smell of food?
  • Alexander Le, How does soil pH affect how fast mung beans grow?
  • Annelise Purcell, Can I use the amylase enzyme to break down bioplastics?
  • Ayden Brudnak Voss, Build a raft powered by surface tension
  • Betsy Hofer, How do certain essential oils affect the apoptosis of HL-60 leukemia cells?
  • Betty Hebble, Work out your brain
  • Bodie Treiber, Coffee grounds vs. soil
  • Cael Cookman , Which works better for killing germs, hand-washing or hand sanitizer?
  • Campbell Wencel, How does the temperature of a dog treat affect a dog’s ability to smell it?
  • Chal Lawson,  Paper airplanes
  • Chineze Okolo, How does shampoo affect hair?
  • Ciaran Loughrey, How does the size of the balloon affect how long it hovers?
  • Colin Farnham, The antimicrobial properties of natural substances
  • David Ola-Kazeem, Animal adaptions
  • Gajan Dileepan, How does the amount of sugar in a soda affect the decay of bone?
  • Gavin Dobson, How does the carbonation levels in honey affect how the clostridium botulinum bacteria kills bacteria?
  • Greta Laliberte, What is the fastest way to cool your mouth after eating a hot pepper?
  • Hemetii Apet, Taking out toxic gases and pollutants: a soy protein agar air filter
  • Isabella Shapland, White oyster mushrooms and how colored light affects them
  • Isadora McGinley Myers, Light and airborne mold growth
  • Jack Swenson, How does the temperature affect how far you can stretch?
  • James Kahn, How does the area of the nozzle affect the total impulse of a solid fuel rocket?
  • Joseph Hoang, How does the value of an input in the Riemann Zeta Function affect the rate of convergence in a series?
  • Katherine Kozak, Does antibacterial soap actually have benefits?
  • Kaya Solheid,  How does the distance from a railroad affect how much particulate matter a tree collects?
  • Kevin Torstenson, How does the grit of sandpaper used on a Pinewood Derby axle affect how far the car goes after rolling down a track?
  • Levi Nicholas, How does the water-to-rice ratio in rice glue affect the strength of it?
  • Lydia Westerlund, How does the amount of acid in a liquid affect how much an eggshell dissolves?
  • Lyra Sato, Grading your sense of smell: Correlating middle-schoolers’ olfactory sense to overall school success.
  • Maggie Fuller, How does the amount of time you whip egg whites and sugar affect the quality of meringue?
  • Max Mills, How does the mass of a project affect energy created by a generator?
  • Oliver Pletch, How does the color of a book affect the likeliness of it being chosen?
  • Owen Finlay, Can mushrooms clean up oil spills?
  • Paw Wah, The Golden Ratio
  • Peter Wenger, Little Green Fuel
  • Samuel Skinner, How does the temperature of a polymer affect the rate of absorption?
  • Sebastian Zarkower, Affect of biodegradable foam on Nerf dart flight characteristics
  • Soren Sackreiter, Using a computer model, how does latitude affect the efficiency of a solar panel?
  • Taylor Branson, Natural or artificial?


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