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Celebrating Halloween safely and more

Here is the latest “Bugle Midpoint,” a mid-month Web report on some new local news and information since the publication of our October issue: Avoid a scary Halloween during COVID-19 By Sarah CR Clark Back in September, Lisa Troutman began wondering how her family would celebrate Halloween during the pandemic.        She was not alone.        A resident of St....
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Coronavirus Update

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Lauderdale city elections

By Anne Holzman Lauderdale residents will go to the polls Nov. 3 to elect a mayor and two City Council members. The Bugle asked the candidates to discuss their experience, goals if elected and views about the demand for housing...
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Summer Mural Project

By Sarah CR Clark New, bright and original murals have been appearing on building walls in the industrial Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) neighborhood in South St. Anthony Park, despite the postponement of the Chroma Zone Mural & Art Festival. The...
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