A big thank you to Park Bugle supporters!

By Liz Danielson

Chairwoman of the Park Bugle Board of Directors

When I retired three-and-a-half years ago, I began looking for meaningful volunteer activities.  Someone mentioned that the Park Bugle might be looking for people to join its board of directors. What a wonderful way to get more involved in my community! I applied and was delighted to join the board in 2015. 

I soon developed a deeper appreciation of what a tremendous asset the Bugle is for the communities it serves. The Bugle is a unique reflection of the neighborhoods we live in – —Como Park, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, St. Anthony Park. The Bugle strives to reflect who we are, and to give voice to our many interests and opinions, our commitment to our neighborhoods, and to the quality of life we cherish.

Although I had enjoyed reading the Bugle since I moved to Falcon Heights in 1995, I had never thought about how it was put together –—how it became a newspaper. The Bugle is delivered to some 14,500 homes and businesses each month without charge. 

But this doesn’t happen without paying for writing, editing, photography, production and distribution. Currently, advertising revenue covers about 60 percent of these costs. The balance comes through the annual fund drive.  I am proud to support the Bugle by giving my time and energy, by patronizing Bugle advertisers, and by donating each year during the fund drive.

I hope you will join me in helping the Bugle reach this year’s ambitious fundraising goal of $52,000, which reflects the fact that, like many other papers across the country, we have seen a reduction in advertising. It also reflects the increased cost of people, production and distribution. 

Members of the Bugle communities have always come through to support the Bugle. We are confident that we can, once again, count on our readers to ensure that the Park Bugle continues to survive and thrive.  Thank you for your support!


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