A little wellness advice from the experts

Want to feel better? We asked some of our local wellness practitioners to give tips they use themselves to achieve well-being.

Here they are:

Movement/exercise, good nutrition and adequate sleep. Also important are the ingredients that help to facilitate those basic elements: a loving and supporting community of family and friends, time in nature, meditation and purposeful work. All of these lifestyle components help minimize stress and encourage happiness.

—Marnie Myhre, RiverStones Wellness


Posture can affect our energy level, mood and how much stress is put on our spine and muscles. Three of my favorite posture tips are:

1. Roll your shoulders back and glide your head back to line your ears up with your shoulders. In this position, you are taking pressure off your spine and hardworking muscles.

2. Take breaks throughout the day to look up at the ceiling. Much of our day is spent looking down, which tires out our spine and muscles. By taking breaks to look up you are able to encourage healthy movement in your spine and relax your neck muscles.

3. Keep your eyes to the horizon. Where your eyes go, your head follows, and if you are looking down a lot during the day it can overwork your upper back muscles, cause wear and tear on your spine or even cause headaches.

If you find any of these tips tough to do, gentle chiropractic care might be a great option to help your spine’s posture get back on track and you feeling better.

—Dr. Nicole Hamel, Hamel Sports and Family Chiropractic


Regular exercise, a healthy diet and 10 minutes each day of slow, deep breathing. Regular spinal adjustments will help manage stress and allow the nervous system to function better.

—Dr. Bill Skon, Skon Chiropractic Clinic


The team at Healing Elements, offered these suggestions:

Simplicity. Gratitude. Forgiveness.

—Paula Lindemann, yoga teacher


Daily practice. Diet. Sleep.

—Dayne Thomas, Tai Chi teacher


(Self) love, honesty, acceptance.

—Nora Gyarfus, yoga teacher


Self-love, supportive community and inspired practice!

—Mary Sage Sennewald, wellness associate and yoga teacher


Ask your body and energy body questions: “What do you need, uterus?” “What shoes do you need, ankles?” “What food do you need, soul?” “What song should we sing, heart?”

Treat yourself as a child. You are the embodiment of pure source energy, same as the day you were born. You are not a measure of your potential. You are not a list of met and un-met expectations. You are a conscious being, a creative being, a creator. Go out and make something.

—Charlotte Rose Tauer, psychic and intuitive healer


Try new things, get in nature and surround yourself with people you love (yourself included).

—LeAnn Sarazin, wellness associate


Try to view self-care as your only option. So often we view self-care as something that needs to be planned for or scheduled into our day, week or month. Accepting that you need continuous self-care and that you deserve to treat your mind and body with nourishment, acceptance and love can make such a difference in the way you perceive your life.

—Samantha Huet-Shvetzoff, owner, Healing Elements

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