My mom Martha Marchand died last night (Dec. 7) at her home on Ludlow Avenue. She and my dad bought the home 57 years ago. They raised the three of us — I have a sister and a brother — and then when my dad died six years ago, she was adamant about wanting to live and die in her home.

She was able to do this through the love, care, help and vigilance of her neighbors, from her immediate neighbors, who checked in on her daily, brought her food (including her favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s), exchanged books with her, raked her yard and shoveled her walks, to local businesses like Speedy Market that delivered her groceries free of charge every Friday for almost two years.

Every time I would talk to my mom on the phone she would tell me about these small acts of loving kindness. And as someone who lives in a big city where I don’t even know the names of my neighbors, I would silently bless the good fortune that landed my parents in St. Anthony Park.

All my love and gratitude to this neighborhood that helped my mom live and die as she wanted — with a special thank you to all of her neighbors on Ludlow Avenue.

Mary Marchand
Baltimore, Maryland

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