A new bandstand for Langford Park?

By Scott Carlson

Would you like a new bandstand for Langford Park?

That’s the question the 4th in the Park Committee will be asking community residents over the next several months. Committee members are Josh Becerra, Jeanne Hansen, Colleen Healy, Marie Lister and Emma Seeley.

Inspirational artist’s rendering.

During the past few years, the 4th in the Park Committee has been discussing the possibility of building a new bandstand,” the group says on its website ( http://www.4thinthepark.org/Bandstand-Project.php ). 

“A new bandstand would provide more space, a place for a screen to project movies, accessibility, water, electricity for amplification and decorative lighting. This would provide a greater array of use,” according to the committee. “To date, we have done the following and are looking forward to a wider level of community feedback:

“The 4th in the Park believes a new structure would benefit the entire community, far beyond our annual 4th of July event. This would include SAP Elementary School, Movies in the Park for Langford Recreation Center, Shakespeare in the Park and much more.”

What do you think?  To offer your thoughts and feedback, go to the committee’s website home page, then in the righthand column enter your name and submit your comment. 

The committee said it is in the very early stages of exploring this issue and currently has no firm design or exact location for a possible new bandstand in the park.  At press time, the committee was planning to hold an informational meeting some time in May. Look for any updates on the group’s website and the Bugle’s Facebook feed.   

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