A new Christmas picture book

Lindsey McDivitt, a south St. Anthony resident and a children’s author, has released a new Christmas picture book just in time for the holidays.

“Christmas Fairies for Ouma,” is a fiction book that celebrates the love between a grandparent and grandchild.

This heartwarming tale follows the magical journey of a child’s card traveling 10,000 miles across the world, from the hand of one stranger to another, with no name, no street and no stamps — all the way to Ouma.

The story is based on the author’s true story of her Minnesota family’s small miracle when she and her sister successfully sent just such an unorthodox holiday mailing to their grandmother in South Africa.

Published by Familius Books, McDevitt’s new book can be purchased by going online to the Lindsey Mcdivitt’s website to find purchase options: lindseymcdivitt.com/christmas-fairies-for-ouma.

McDivitt was born in South Africa and raised in America.  

Make your own postcards

Let’s send kind, joyful personal postcards to people who could use a little kindness. Who doesn’t get a lift, a spark of happiness, from receiving real mail in their mailbox!

• You can make your own postcards on heavy cardstock paper. (Postcards must be rectangular; At least 3-1/2″ high by 5″ long by 0.007″ thick; No more than 4-1/4″ high by 6″ long by 0.016″ thick.)

• Decorate one side with your delightful drawings!

• On the other side — add a real stamp in the top right corner

• Just below the stamp — write the real person’s name & real address!

• On the left side — next to the person’s name — write a kind message!

• Pop it into a mailbox to spread a little kindness!

• Do it again. And again!

From Lindsey McDivitt’s kids activity sheet: lindseymcdivitt.com/christmas-fairies-for-ouma

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