A parent’s thoughts on the Zones

By Sarah CR Clark


My kids are students at St. Anthony Park Elementary. While I did research for this month’s school news article, principal Karen Duke shared a video with me that was originally made for use just within the school.

The video’s goal was two-part: To introduce all students to some new staff, and to begin introducing students to the “Zones of Regulation” curriculum. 

It was a great, short video and super helpful as I wrote our news article. But more than that, it reminded me that the way our kids are taught to name and regulate their emotions is so much more advanced than when I was a student.

As a parent, I am glad to know what my kids are going to be learning so that I can practice it with them and we can share this language at home. 

I’m sharing this video link with you in case you’d like to get a deeper look at life at SAP Elementary, meet some of the new staff and grow in your own social-emotional journey. We have a lot to learn from our kids! 



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