A Procession for the Cleveland Avenue Trees

 Time: 12 noon to 1 PM 

Date: Saturday, June 11 

Sponsored: People for the Cleveland Avenue Trees 

Will it be a funeral march or a celebratory parade? We’re not sure. 

But on Saturday, June 11, two days before the first of 150+ trees along Cleveland are cut down, we’ll visit the trees. These trees are earmarked for removal by Ramsey County for street work. 

Many residents are distressed about the possible loss of so many mature trees. It’s unclear what their fate will be. This will be a peaceful procession to honor the trees, whatever happens. 

Adults and children who value trees for their beauty, shade and history—not to mention the life-giving oxygen they provide—are invited to assemble at the corner of Como and Cleveland. Accompanied by a brass band, we will process north on Cleveland Avenue, stopping at 4 of the most magnificent trees, to pay our respects and recognize the beauty, history and environmental benefits they embody. 

Meet at 12 noon at the triangular open space at the intersection of Como and Cleveland Avenues. Look for a gray tent. Please come in the costume of your choice that demonstrates your love for trees. We will stay on the sidewalk, obey all traffic regulations, and finish up at Mim’s Café (Buford and Cleveland) by 1 PM. 

Information: For day-of-procession details: Margot Monson, 651-247-5263 

For Cleveland Avenue trees details: Pat Thompson, 651-238-1663 

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    Let’s all remember the Ramsey County Commissioners when their terms come up for a November vote!

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