About those Thrashers

When I turned to page 5 of the December Bugle and read the headline “The Thrashers support the Bugle,” I thought: Hiring Laura Adrian as a social media specialist is really paying off. Who would have thought that a Canadian punk rock band would be reading the Bugle?

The group has long been a favorite of mine, and their album “Robot Invaders from the Death Galaxy” is a classic of the genre.

Then my eye moved down the page. Oh, those Thrashers.

Cindy and Blaine represent the best of local residents. They’ve lent their efforts to a host of neighborhood ventures. Blaine has a fine singing voice, which is much appreciated at St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church.

But I fear that our local Thrashers’ punk rock credentials are suspect. Oh well. Perhaps soon we’ll read a Bugle endorsement from Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance.

Dave Healy, St. Anthony Park (Editor’s note: Dave is a former editor of the Bugle.)

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