Graphic Design Specifications

We prefer all files to be PDF, but can accept EPS, PNG, TIFF and JPEG. We do not want native files. Resolution should be no less than 300 dpi.

Full-color PRINT ads need to be set up as CMYK before submitting.

Web ads need to be set up as RGB before submitting.

Bugle photo standards

Got a photo or photos you want to submit to the Bugle? Here are our quality guidelines:

  • We prefer photos to be in JPEG or TIFF format. However, if all that is available is a PNG or PDF, we can work with that.
  • Photo size: Photos should be 300ppi or at least large enough in size so that it has an effective reso­lution of at least 300ppi. For example, if “Photo A” is provided at 19” wide x 26” high with a ppi of 72; this will end up at a size of 4.6” wide x 6” high when the resolution is changed to 300. “Photo A” will work at either a 1 or 2 column placement (but not any larger).

If “Photo B” is provided at 2.2” wide x 3” high with a ppi of 96, this will end up at a size of 0.7” wide x 1” high when the resolution is changed to 300. “Photo B” will be too small for even a 1 column placement without running the risk of looking blurry.

  • Basically, the larger the photo, the better!
  • We often need to crop photos, either in the width, depth or both. When taking a photo, try to keep the main subject as centered as possible.
  • Do not compress photos before sending. If a photo is too large to send attached to an email, contact us at and we’ll work out a way for you to get the photo to us electronically.

Thanks to all who contribute photos either occasionally or regu­larly to the Bugle.

If you have any further technical questions, contact your ad rep.