Contact the editor if you want to place an insert. He can be reached at 651-646-5369 or

Inserts are preprinted fliers, booklets, or literature you want delivered along with the Bugle.

Advantages of using inserts:

• Less expensive than U.S. postage.

• Less expensive than a full-page ad in the newspaper — and you have the freedom to choose your paper and print on both sides of the page.

• Easier than delivering something yourself door to door.

• High visibility by being delivered in the fold of the newspaper.

Insert Pricing

The following prices are per month and are based on the weight of each insert and the number of months you commit to running your insert. A minimum of 3,000 pieces is required.

Number of months                             Under 1 oz.                               1-2 oz.

  • 1-2 months (no contract)                    $70/per thousand            $75/per thousand
  • 3-4 months out of 12                           $65/per thousand             $70/per thousand
  • 5-9 months out of 12                           $60/per thousand             $65/per thousand
  • 10-12 months out of 12                       $50/per thousand              $50/per thousand

Inserts that cannot be inserted into the newspapers by machine will be subject to a surcharge of $15 per 1,000 papers.

Inserts may be zoned by carrier routes. Click here to see a map of our route zones.


To advertise with an insert in the Park Bugle, follow these steps:

1. Tell your ad rep what month(s) you want your insert to be included with the Bugle.

2. Send us a sample copy of the insert by noon Thursday of the week prior to publication, along with your prepayment.

3. Print the number of copies of your insert that you want to be delivered by the Bugle, and then mail or deliver the inserts to our printer (the address is printed below) by noon Friday the week prior to publication. You can find those dates here: publication dates. Include a note (e.g., “Inserts for the August issue of the Park Bugle”) and contact information.

Our printer:

Cannon Valley
1240 Highway 3 S, Northfield, MN 55057
507-645-9770 ‎

Note the following:

The subject matter, form, wording, illustrations, and typography of all advertising are subject to approval of the publisher, but unless authorized in advance, no change will be made without the consent of the agency or advertiser. Advertising that attacks, criticizes, or demeans any individual, race, religion, sex, affectional preference, institution, firm, business, organization, or profession will not be accepted.

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