An uncommon discussion on the common good at Corpus Christi

At a time when divisive politics has often led to mudslinging instead of discussion of the most important issues facing our country, three Minnesota commissioners will lead a respectful and lively discussion on public policy and how we can work toward the common good from the perspective of faith and conscience at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15, at Corpus Christi Church, 2131 Fairview Ave. N., Roseville.

All are invited to the free panel discussion with Dr. Edward Ehlinger, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health; Mike Rothman, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce; and John Linc Stine, commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Some candidates in the 2016 election have sought the support of religious groups while others have displayed prejudice against faiths that differ from theirs. Over the years, there has also been contention surrounding our country’s separation of church and state—which guarantees the freedom of religion that informs personal decisions and helps determine how we vote. Following the moderated discussion, there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the panelists and expand the dialogue.

Refreshments will be served the discussion.

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