Annual poetry contest returns to Bugle


Are you a poet

And don’t even know it?

Folks, it’s that time of year again, when spring is on the horizon and the Bugle celebrates by conducting its annual poetry contest in conjunction with National Poetry month in April. 

In a world of instant communication filled with tweets, breaking news and other sundry urgent messaging, poetry offers us the opportunity to quiet our souls, and pause and reflect. Poetry gives us the chance to tap into our emotions and thoughts. Also, poetry also can be just plain fun. It is whatever you want to make it.

With that in mind, the Bugle is holding its ninth annual poetry contest. The first-place winner will receive $50 and get their poem published in the April edition of the Bugle. We will also publish the second- and third-place winning entries. 

Here’s are our contest guidelines: 

—We want to read poems that address “transformation” or “change.”

—Poems can take any form you choose. 

—The words “transformation” or “change” do not have to appear in your poem. Use them to draw inspiration to go in any direction they take you, 

—The contest is limited to one entry per person. Deadline to receive entries is Tuesday, March 5. 

The contest is open to all Bugle readers. Current Bugle employees, Park Press board members and their families are NOT eligible to enter. 

Send poems to Editor, P.O. Box 8126, St. Paul 55108 or to

The poems will be judged anonymously by a local poet. So, sharpen those pencils, fire up your laptop or whatever tool you use to compose, and let the poetry flow. 

Scott Carlson, managing editor 

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