By Judy Woodward

Here are couple of interesting queries we received this month at the Roseville Library.

Q. Where is the closest place to get free income tax assistance?

A. Volunteers working with the American Association of Retired Persons offer free tax help, aimed primarily at seniors and low-income individuals.

You can get live help during tax season at the Falcon Heights City Hall on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. but an appointment is necessary. Call 651-792-7617 to schedule in advance.

There are many other AARP tax-help sites operating in different locations, days and times in the Twin Cities metro area. It is also possible to get online assistance with your taxes through AARP. You can learn more about their tax season services at or by calling 888-687-2277.

Q. I just received a used book I purchased from The book is marked as follows: “RAMSEY COUNTY LIBRARY.” Does this book belong to your library? Did I accidentally buy a stolen book?

A. We get this question from time to time. Our collection is constantly being updated as we replace older, less used items with new books.

The Library does sometimes sell discarded materials on Amazon, as well as through our Friends organization’s book stores in our libraries.

In this case, your book is a legitimate purchase, and we hope you enjoy your new read.

Q. Are there any state reparations available to crime victims?

A. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a violent crime, the Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations program may be able to help. The reparations program provides financial help to victims and their families for losses incurred as a result of crime.

Property crimes are not covered by this program. But victims of robbery, assault, domestic abuse, drunk driving and other violent crimes may be eligible. The program covers only expenses that are not paid by other sources like health insurance, auto insurance, workman’s compensation, paid time off or disability. If you think you may be eligible, you can find more information and application forms online at their website:

Q. Do you have children’s books in other languages — particularly Spanish?

A. There is a World Language section for children’s books at all of our branches where you will be able to find Spanish language books. The selection ranges from picture books to chapter books, so you should be able to find the reading level you want.

Our children’s librarians can help you locate the books that are right for your child. Although we offer children’s materials in many languages, we probably have more items in Spanish than in any other foreign language.

Judy Woodward, who lives in St. Anthony Park, is a reference librarian at the Roseville Library, 2180 N. Hamline Ave. The library’s general phone number is 651-724-6001.

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