Betsy Currie supports the Bugle and here’s why

Betsy Currie, a longtime resident of St. Anthony Park and a former head of the Park Bugle board of directors, talks about why she supports the Bugle: 

Why are you committed to living in this community? What makes it special?

Betsy: My family and I love living in St. Anthony Park because it is like a town within a town. We are committed to living here because of all that SAP offers—several vibrant business districts, multiple parks and great neighbors.

And we appreciate being in the center of the Twin Cities and close to everything that proximity offers us.

How does the Bugle help to build a sense of community and connectedness?

Betsy: The Bugle is a gem. We deeply appreciate the community connection that comes with reading the latest local news and engaging features about our neighbors

Why do you donate to the Bugle?

Betsy: We donate to the Bugle because local nonprofit journalism is important. In an age where our attention is spread thin with easy access to global news and information, it is increasingly important for a local new source to keep us grounded and connected to each other. 

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