Bicycling benefits you and your neighborhood

By Betty Lotterman


Now is a good time to consider using your bicycle as the way to get around our neighborhood as more businesses enroll in Bicycle Benefits. Bicycle Benefits is a national organization that promotes bicycling as a means of transportation to promote local businesses, reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and improve everyone’s physical and mental health. Biking has always been an economical means of transportation, but you can save more by enrolling in Bicycle Benefits.

Visit one of the businesses listed below to buy a Bicycle Benefits lifetime sticker for $5. Attach it to your helmet, then every time you visit a Bicycle Benefits business wearing your helmet, you will receive a discount. Each business decides what discount to offer, so visit to see what discounts you can take advantage of.

As new businesses join the club, they will also appear on the Bicycle Benefits webpage. At the website you can find businesses that are participating wherever you are. If you have any questions, send an email to

Spread the word by inviting friends to get their sticker. Also invite the local businesses that you patronize to join. Envision our neighborhoods with fewer cars and many more bicycles. Wouldn’t that be of benefit to all of us?

Businesses within biking distance that participate in the program are listed below:


  • Bibelot Shop, 2276 Como Ave.
  • Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, 1500 S.E. Como Ave.
  • Burning Bros. Brewery, 1750 W. Thomas Ave.
  • Common Good Books, 30 S. Snelling Ave.
  • Dogwood Coffee, 825 Carlton St.
  • Gene’s Hartland Shoe Repair, 591 N. Hamline Ave.
  • Hampden Park Co-op, 928 Raymond Ave.
  • Midway Liquor Store, 1955 University Ave.
  • Motion MN, 550 Vandalia St.
  • Path Bodywork & Wellness, 2385 W. University Ave.
  • Sharrett’s Liquors, 2389 University Ave.
  • Urban Growler, 2325 Endicott St.



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