Brimhall Elementary School updates

Brimhall Elementary School 1744 W. County Road B, 651-638-1958

The Minnesota Department of Education has named Brimhall a “reward” school based on the Multiple Measurement Ratings, which measure proficiency, growth, graduation rates and progress in closing achievement gaps with students of color and students in poverty. This means Brimhall was in the top 15 percent of highperforming schools in the state based on these metrics.

The title reflects the dedication of the school’s teachers and staff. Way to go, Brimhall!

In other news, Brimhall’s enrollment is up. The direct-appeal fundraising campaign, “Music and Art: Give from the Heart,” is gaining support. Parents donated food and prizes to honor teachers during conferences with a parent-sponsored dinner, a tradition at Brimhall. Pumpkin Carving Night in October featured more than 70 works of art and some impressive carving skills. Students, staff and parents are working together under the Garden Committee to beautify the school’s landscaping. Sixthgraders are meeting weekly to develop a play, “Cinderella, Cinderella,” to present to the school in 2014.

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