Bruno supports the Bugle and here’s why

Bruno Bornsztein, a native of St. Anthony Park and software engineer, shares his thoughts on supporting the Bugle (i.e. he once was on the Bugle board of directors) as we move into our annual fall fund drive:

How do you connect with the SAP community?

Currently, the elementary school is my biggest connection. Both of our kids (10 and 7) are there, and we love the strong network of families that revolves around the school. We also love to get out in the neighborhood for all the events (4th of July, Art Fair, Park Before Dark, etc.), and to support local businesses.

What does the Bugle mean to you?

I think it’s invaluable to have a news source that’s hyper-focused on local issues. The Bugle’s non-profit mission to encourage community participation is an important part what keeps our neighborhood vital.

What would you say to encourage people to support the paper?

The Bugle is a huge asset to our community! It’s an award-winning publication that covers stories no other news outlet would cover. But it also takes a huge effort and a lot of money to keep it running. Let’s support the institutions that make our neighborhood special!

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