Bugle annual fundraiser update

As the Bugle concludes its fall fundraiser, its biggest campaign of the fiscal year, we have attracted some 620 individual and business donors.

From the start of our current fiscal year on July 1, 2021, through Jan. 12, 2022, the Bugle has received $55,435 in contributions. 

We are very grateful for your outpouring of generosity and thank all of our financial supporters for their confidence as the Bugle strives to produce great journalism that informs readers and supports the communities of St. Anthony Park, Como Park, Falcon Heights and Lauderdale.

While the annual fall fundraiser is finished, we are always ready to receive contributions, at any time, to support the Bugle. You can give online at www.parkbugle.org or with a check, sent to The Park Bugle, PO Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108. Every gift matters!

With your help, the Bugle will remain vibrant in informing and building a strong and healthy community, connecting residents and making neighbors.

Now here is a list of our latest donors, from Dec. 8, 2021 through Jan. 12, 2022:


Steve & Cynthia Ahlgren

George & Jean Albrecht

Jean Alexander

Greg & Meredith Anderson

Kevin Anderson & Erin Dooley

Kyle Anderson


Nina Archabal

James & Carol Avant

Adrienne Banks

David & Lynnette Black

Ted Blank

Bruno Bornsztein & Alicia Lacy

Mary Boyd-Brent

Barry & Melissa Bridges

Katherine Bruhn

Francis & Barbara Bulbulian

Kathleen Canright

Elizabeth Carey

Christopher & Julie Causey

Winston Cavert & Carol Witte

David & Michelle Christianson

Kenneth Dahlberg &
Mari Espeland

Marjorie Davis

Vincent & Kathleen Digiorno

Jill Driscoll

Keith & Grace Dyrud

Sharon Dzik

Andrew Eklund

Shirley Espeland

Jon Farnsworth

Peter & Pamela Fischer

Christopher Foss & Peter Austin

Anne Fretheim

Bjorn & Britt Gangeness

Jim Gindorff

Julie Glowka

Gary Grave & Karen Lenander

Glenn & Cheryl Griffin

Kristina Halvorson

Erik Haugo

Mary Hayes

Dan & Mary Healy

Nancy Hendricks

Esther Hope

James Jernberg

Barbara Johnson

Lavone Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Erik Jordan & Laura Park

Christopher Kalla & Judy Grew

Daniel Krivit &
Susan Krivit Schmidt

Ann Kulenkamp

George & Nancy Laskaris

Seth Levin & Mia Nosanow

Thomas Lohse

Betty Lotterman

Nathan Lueck & Christina Ward

Ian & Katharine McRoberts

Elliott Mills & Mary Metzler

Judith Monson

Howard Morris

Gordon & Barbara Murdock

Nancy Myers

Paul & Genevieve Nakanishi

John & Jean O’Connell

Catherine O’Dell

Rodney & Faye Olson

Dennis & Turid Ormseth

Phillip Peterson

David Porter

Gene & Judy Probst

Duane Pulford

David Purcell

Roger Purdy & Janet Hey

Rebecca Rassier

Sarah Reuter

Max Sanders

Christine Schnieders

John Seltz & Catherine Furry

Linda Staats

Frank Steen & Lisa Habeck

Justin Steen

Sonya Steven

Paul Swedenborg & Rita Ladoux

John & Gloria Sweet

Andrew & Hanna Temme

Mark Thieroff & Rhona Wilson

Megan Thrasher

Christopher & Mary Thurn

John & Jeanne Ullian

Bill & Karen Vanschyndel

Larry Wackett & Deborah Allan

David & Mary Ann Wark

Michael Webster

Judy Wehrwein

Jay Weiner & Ann Juergens

Sandy & Carol Weisberg

Steve & Katherine Wellington

Betty Wheeler

Arthur Wineman & Debbie Musolf

Tim Wulling & Marilyn Benson

Priscilla Wyeth

Kathleen Zieman

Mary Zorn


Lehman Counsulting



Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation Sunrise Banks

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