Bugle annual fundraiser update

As the Bugle moves into the heart of our annual fall fund drive we already have more than 400 individual and business donors.

From the start of our current fiscal year on July 1 through Nov. 10, the Bugle has received $31,850 in contributions from 450 donors.

We are very grateful for your outpouring of generosity and thank all of our financial supporters for their confidence as the Bugle strives to produce great journalism that informs readers and supports the communities of St. Anthony Park, Como Park, Falcon Heights and Lauderdale.

In the midst of the holiday season, there is plenty of time to still join the Bugle’s fall fund drive. You can give online at www.parkbugle.org or with a check, sent to The Park Bugle, PO Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108. Every gift matters!

With your help, the Bugle can remain vibrant in informing and building a strong and healthy community, connecting residents and making neighbors.

Now here is a list of our latest donors, from Oct. 13 through Nov. 10:


Tim & Muffi Abrahamson

Haley Anderson

Joel & Teresa Anderson

Marcia Anderson

Farhad Anklesaria & Krista Nelson

Charles & Marjorie Avoles

Brian & Kathy Backberg

Richard Bartz

Patricia Berglund

Mike Blandford

Coreen Blau

Jeff & Emily Blodgett

Richard & Carmen Bolger

Wally & Jan Borner

Paul Boyd & Laura Matthiesen

Mary Boyd-Brent

Barry & Melissa Bridges

Bill & Kirsten Bromaghim

Kevin Brown & Donna Burch-Brown

Peter & Susan Brown

Donna Busch

Charles & Elizabeth Bye

Marvin & Susan Cadwell

Shirley Campbell

Michael Carroll

Peter & Polly Cartford

Val Cervenka

Clay Christensen

John & Marjory Christensen

Paul & Kathy Ciernia

Patricia Coppo & Susan McCabe

Judy Crane

Robert Craven & Deb Cran

Seth & Megan Crosby

Claudia Daly

Kathleen Daniels

Shel & Liz Danielson

Garvin & Bernice Davenport

Mary Dittrich

Walter & Kathleen Dunlap

Judie Duren

Sherman Eagles & Sue Connors

Michael Eastman & Jen Loupe

Alyce Eaton

Kent & Katherine Eklund

Bruce Eldevik

Daniel Engstrom & Barbara Coffin

Victoria Erhart

David & Maryse Fan

Paul & Ann Fate

Yvonne Fitzgerald

Mark & Lori Fligge

Derek Fried & Elisabeth Currie

Nancy Fruen

Tim Fuller & Rita Goodrich

Patricia Gaarder

Bjorn & Britt Gangeness

David & Nancy Gangeness

Valetta Gyurci

Nils & Heather Halker

Sandra Hall

Marge Halvorsen

Kristina Halvorson

David Hansen & Karen Lilley

John Hanson

Christianne Harkness

Erik Haugo

James Hayes

Marcia Hayes

David & Nancy Healy

Nat Hemstad & Dana Wagner

Michael Hesano & Luella Griffin

Gordon & Louella Hirsch

Marilyn Hoegemeyer

Peter Holbrook

Esther Hope

Keith & Karen Hovland

Ken & Tina Hughes

Sarah Hustad

Susan Hutterer

Tom Hysell & Susan Swanson

Emi Ito

Naomi Jackson

Patricia James

Mark & Paula Jelinek

Wayne Jennings & Joan Sorenson

Daniel Johnson

Harlan Johnson

Jay Johnson & Diane Landis

JoDean Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Kyoko Katayama

Ann Kersey

Mindy Keskinen

Cari Kidd

Darryn Kozak & Kim Chase-Kozak

Sara Kuether

Robb & Janet Lageson

David & Elizabeth Lee

Jane Leonard & Loretto Lippert

Marilyn Lopez

William & Nancy Lorimer

Mark & Kate Mabel

John & Betsy Madden

Finette Magnuson

Kathy Magnuson

Ellen Manderfeld

Gayle Mangan

Don & Abby Marier

Anne McInerney

Roberta Megard

Andrew & Allison Mellin

Neill Merck & Sue Gibson

Bob Milligan & Sharon Danes

Warren & Jo Modell

Nancy Moore

Carol Mulroy

Gordon & Christy Myers

Charles Nauen & Pati Jo Pofahl

Darrell & Judith Nelson

Sally Noll

Joan Nolte

Jim & Leigh Olmstead

Alis Olsen

Jess & Stephanie Olson

Pat Owen

Garry & Mary Anne Peterson

Sandra Peterson

Glenn Poser

Don Postema & Gabrielle Lawrence

Michael & Lesley Powers

Jonathan & Mary Preus

Wilbur & Mary Jane Purcell

Luis Ramos-Garcia & Carol Klee

Del Reed

Christopher Reeves & Mary Ann Nord

Marylynn Rosen

Karen Rue

Michael Schaal & Linda Kadrmas

Ken Scherber & Rose Ann Foreman

Eric Schiffman & Karen Kloser

Bob Schmall

Mae Schmidt

Tom & Janelle Schnadt

Jennifer Scholte

Paul & Louise Seeba

Bob & Nancy Serfass

Keith & Tori Setterholm

Harold & Virginia Sheff

Carrolyn Shepherd

William & Barbara Sippel

Wayne & Ann Sisel

Tom Slaughter & Ann Merrell

Gary & Peggy Sparr

Jack & Judy Sperbeck

Patty Stolpman

Thomas & Patricia Storey

Jim & Ann Stout

Deena Strohman

Ron Sundberg & Joan Duke

Edward Swain & Mary Keirstead

Ivan & Amy Swenson

Andrea Szondy

Thomas & Jill Tangney

Marcia Tenney

Alden & Rebecca Tetlie

Fredrick Tio

Karen Titrud

Robert & Miriam Titzler

Georgia Todd

Chuck Tracy & Anna Sokolofski-Tracy

Robert & Margaret Van Why

Mary Waibel

Timothy & Gretchen Walker

John Ward & Anke Reinders

Paul & Katharine Weiblen

Jay Weiner & Ann Juergens

Paul & Judith Woodward

Priscilla Wyeth

Garry Yazell & Michele Dunning

Carol Zapfel

Natalie Zett

Mary Zorn


Ben Quie & Son


Como Park Travel

Front Avenue Pottery


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