Bugle fall donors’ fundraiser concludes

As the Bugle’s annual fall fundraising campaign concludes at the end of December, our healthy operations are greatly buoyed by the solid support we receive from scores of individual and business donors.

As of Dec. 13, the Bugle had received $42,478.00 in donations for fiscal 2023-24.

Thanks to everyone for your financial support and confidence as the Bugle strives to produce great journalism that informs readers and supports the communities of St. Anthony Park, Como Park, Falcon Heights and Lauderdale.

Even though the fall campaign has concluded, you still can give online at parkbugle.org or with a check sent to The Park Bugle, PO Box 8126, St. Paul MN. 55108. Every gift matters. We appreciate donations being made anytime of the year.

Donors who have contributed to the Bugle from November 16th till December 13th:   


Lynn Abrahamsen
Laura Adrian
Greg & Meredith Anderson
Kyle Anderson
William & Mary Baker
Linda Barnes
Colleen Bell
Allen Berg
Thomas & Debrah Betz
David & Lynnette Black
Donald & Coreen Blau
Paul Bloom & Milegua Layese
John & Annamary Boler
Mary Boyd-Brent
David & Susan Brostrom
Peter & Susan Brown
Beverly Bybee
Christopher Call & John Thomas
Scott & Betsy Carlson
David & Phyllis Casper
John & Amy Crouch
Danielle DiRe
Craig Dunn & Candy Hart
Judie Duren
Paul & Kim Durkee
Victoria Erhart
Faith Fretheim
Anne Fretheim
Nancy Fruen
Bjorn & Britt Gangeness
Kristina Halvorson
Shaul & Niza Hanany
David Hansen & Karen Lilley
Christianne Harkness
Erik Haugo
David & Nancy Healy
James & Nancy Hendrickson
Michael Hesano & Luella Griffin
Esther Hope
Keith & Karen Hovland
Elena Izaksonas
Paul & Heidi Jensen
Wendy Johnson
Roy Jones

Alfred & Sharon Kauth
Steve & Lolita Keck
Cari Kidd
Matthew Koncar & Mary Gaasch
Daniel Krivit & Susan Krivit Schmidt
Michael Kuchta & Kathleen Sanders
Seth Levin & Mia Nosanow
Ellen Longfellow
Ryan MacAskill
Kathy Magnuson
Shannon Marting
Jennings Mergenthal
William & Lydia Midness
Gordon & Barbara Murdock
Nancy Myers
Kenny Niemeyer
Mark & Linda Nygard
Mike & Marcie O’Connor
Dennis & Paula Olander
Donald & Kristin Olsen
Mark Olson & Norma Smith Olson
Thomas Ososki
Thomas & Frances Ostertag
Adina Overbee
Susan Perkins
Thomas Prather & Kris Grangaard
Del Reed
Ginner Ruddy
Mark Simonson & Pat Thompson
Charles & Myrna Smith
Daniel Stanton
Paul Swedenborg & Rita Ladoux
Alden & Rebecca Tetlie
Robert Thayer & Nancy Meade-Thayer
Blaine & Cindy Thrasher
Christopher & Mary Thurn
Karen Titrud
John & Jeanne Ullian
Mary Volk
Frederick & Dorothy Waltz
Deborah Warren
Jay Weiner & Ann Juergens
Hans Wiersma & Kristin Dragseth
Tom Will & Kristen Nelson
Tim Wulling & Marilyn Benson
Mary Zorn


Falcon Heights-Lauderdale Lions Club
Microsoft Company
The Marshall Frankel Foundation 

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