Bugle forming Readers Council

As part of its mission “to turn readers into neighbors,” the Park Bugle board of directors is planning to launch an advisory Readers Council.

The volunteer group of five to nine people is expected to meet quarterly to, among other things, provide reader insights to story coverage, offer story ideas and share thoughts about expanding the breadth and reach of the newspaper and its social media.

“The Readers Council will consider how the Park Bugle can fulfill its mission more fully and in new ways,” said Helen Warren, presiding officer of the Bugle board of directors. “We want to include voices not currently represented on the board, including people of color, newly arrived residents, apartment dwellers and students.”

Up to three Bugle board members are expected to assist the council. “Mostly, the Readers Council will put the Park Bugle face-to-face with its readers,” Warren said.

At each meeting, members of the Readers Council will, among other things, describe gaps in current knowledge of their neighborhoods or with civic enterprises that the Bugle might fill and encourage dialogue about issues faced by neighbors.

The Readers Council will widen or adjust the perspectives staff and board members take on the Park Bugle, Warren said, adding it “will prompt dialogue about the issues and imperatives we face as neighbors.”

After a year, the Park Bugle board will assess the effectiveness of the Readers Council.

If you would like to serve on the Readers Council, please contact Warren at hbwarren65@gmail.com.

Submitted by Bugle board member Helen Warren, edited by Bugle edi­tor Scott Carlson.

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