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The Bugle has received $49,800 as of May 8 in donations. Our fiscal year ends June 30. With your generous donation, the Bugle can conclude fiscal 2022-23 with more than $50,000 in fundraising.

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Donors who contributed from Mar. 9 to May 8, 2023:

Mary Boyd-Brent

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Larry & Billie Gaenzle

Bjorn & Britt Gangeness

Glenn & Cheryl Griffin

Kristina Halvorson

Erik Haugo

Keith & Karen Hovland

Wendy Johnson

Robb & Janet Lageson

Margot Monson

Gary & Mary Nelsestuen

Charlotte Osborn

Thomas Ososki

Duane Pulford

Max Sanders & Sarah Reuter

Harold & Virginia Sheff

Sonya Steven

Mark Trollope & Christina Kelly

Jay Weiner & Ann Juergens

David & Delores Woodis

Garry Yazell & Michele Dunning

Mary Zorn

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