Bugle kicks off annual fall fund campaign!

By Kristin Wiersma

Hello neighbors!

The Park Bugle staff and board of directors thank you for reading and supporting our local, nonprofit, community newspaper.

Together, we see our work at the Park Bugle as knitting our neighborhoods into safe, thriving and vital communities to live, work, learn and play.

Community connections are what the Park Bugle is all about.

What an incredible gift it is for neighbors to:

• Be connected to others through stories and news

• Learn the latest news about local happenings, schools and organizations

• Be engaged in issues that matter most

• Be safe and invested in our life together

• Support our community businesses for a thriving local economy

• Learn new and interesting things

With the Park Bugle, those things are noted, keeping our community strong, healthy and connected.

The Park Bugle’s mission is to strengthen our community by providing local news and storytelling that transforms readers into neighbors.

We invite you to partner with us in the work of Community Connection with a financial donation. Your investment goes directly to the Bugle’s efforts of connecting our community, supporting local businesses and organizations, telling stories that knit us together and enhancing community participation.

Give online at www.parkbugle.org, via the QR code located below, or with a check returned in the enclosed envelope. Every gift matters!

Thank you for your support.

Kristin Wiersma lives in St. Anthony Park and is the chairperson of the Park Bugle board of directors.

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