Bugle project recognizes gratitude

By Laura Adrian

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Park Bugle’s November Gratitude Project brought the community together, showcasing the warmth and appreciation that define our neighborhood.

As the Bugle social media specialist, I initiated this project to encourage residents to reflect on what makes our community special.

Between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we received an inspiring 20 submissions, each a snapshot of the diverse elements that people hold dear.

From the beauty of snowfall to the cherished local libraries, the entries painted a vivid picture of the shared love for this vibrant neighborhood.

The stakes were high, thanks to generous donations from Nico’s Tacos and Healing Elements. Nico’s contributed three $25 gift cards, and Healing Elements added a touch of relaxation with handcrafted CBD lotion and a complimentary beverage.

Using a random number generator, we selected the lucky winners from the pool of contributors, ensuring a fair and exciting process. The expressions of gratitude ranged from the joy of community to appreciation for caregivers, adding depth to the collective tapestry of thanks.

Here are our winners: Ann McCormick, Karen Larson, Anne Sisel and Katherine Robinson.

The November Gratitude Project not only celebrated the positive aspects of our community but also highlighted the businesses that make St. Anthony Park special. As we continue to navigate the seasons and share in the spirit of gratitude, let’s remember the small joys that bind us together in this wonderful neighborhood. 

Laura Adrian is the social media specialist for the Bugle.

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