Michael supports the Bugle and here’s why

Michael Russelle is a longtime St. Anthony Park resident and retired soil scientist. Over the years, Michael and his wife Regula have been and continue to be active in a number of community endeavors.

Michael shared some thoughts on supporting the Bugle as we continue our annual fall fund drive:

How do you connect with the SAP community?

We have lived in north Saint Anthony Park for 38 years, first renting, then owning (and repairing and remodeling) two single family homes and now have joined in a new housing cooperative.

I am happily retired from work I loved as a soil scientist, doing a little contract work in my areas of expertise and engaged as a volunteer in the District 12 Community Council. Regula and I are active in Transition Town – All Saint Anthony Park and several committees in our co-op, which she finds time for between practicing and teaching book arts.

Regula and I have always tried to root ourselves deeply in the communities we moved to. I encouraged graduate students to do the same, saying “If it doesn’t hurt to leave a place after a few years, then you haven’t really lived there.” Community is built, it doesn’t simply happen.

What does the Bugle mean to you?

The Park Bugle is a community builder. What a joy it was to see our first Park Bugle in 1982! What a great way to learn what was going on in the schools, businesses, the Council and so many clubs! Ever since, we have read the articles (and written a few commentaries and letters to the editor), shopped at the stores that advertised in it, looked to the Classifieds to get leads on contractors and appreciated the celebrations of life in the obituaries.

The Bugle deserved and quickly received our financial contributions. It still does.

What would you say to encourage people to support the paper?

Look around—neighborhood newspapers are folding. Those beloved, counted-on and crucial sources of hyperlocal news, sought out in coffee houses, local stores and restaurants or spotted in the mailbox or on the porch. The Bugle is worthy of our wholehearted support. Reading our local paper brings you into the web of community. Supporting it builds the web.

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