Catherine Reed art follow up

In the November issue of the Bugle, past neighbor and fiber artist Catherine Reed was featured.

After Reed’s death in May 2021, some of her artwork found a happy home at St. Anthony Park Community Nursery School. Now, Reed’s family is working to find homes for more of her art.

Her spouse, Norm Westhoff, who lives in Lawrence, Kan., is inviting Bugle readers to consider claiming a piece of Reed’s art for themselves.

In an email message, Westhoff said, “So far, I have distributed about 150 pieces (of various sizes) to new homes. A lot of beautiful pieces are still unclaimed, however. Your readers could visit her website to see what might interest them and pay only the cost of postage.”

If you are interested in seeing Reed’s work, please visit: Scroll to “Gallery” and open any page marked “From the Vault.” If you are interested in claiming a piece of art, please email Norm Westhoff at

Reed grew up in St. Anthony Park and later returned to raise her family and do science at the University of Minnesota. Despite their history of living in several states, Westhoff noted, “Catherine always considered SAP (St. Anthony Park) as home…  She, her mother and our daughter (Julia Westhoff) all have stones on the walkway in front of the SAP library. In short, there could not be a more fitting place to display her work than a site in SAP.” 

—Sarah CR Clark

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