CEZ launches billboard campaign

A series of billboards celebrating the Creative Enterprise Zone’s (CEZ’s) “Make it Here” slogan — along with a “you are here” map icon, website address and new CEZ logo — is

being placed along University Avenue and throughout the CEZ in early June. The series will promote the importance of creative economic development in the area.

The new CEZ logo was created by John Seymour Anderson of the design firm Triangle Park Creative, located in the Baker Court Office Building at 821 Raymond Ave.

The billboards celebrate entrepreneurs, small businesses, supportive allies—all the makers—within the CEZ borders, which radiate from the intersection of Raymond and University avenues south to Interstate 94, east to Prior Avenue, north to the railroad tracks by Energy Park Drive and west to Minneapolis. The billboards also promote the CEZ as the place for makers to be, rent, own or lease.

Billboard locations include University at Cleveland Avenue and Transfer Road, 2600 University Ave., University Ave. near Vandalia and on Vandalia south of University.

The billboards were funded with a portion of a major grant from the Knight Foundation that also supported a series of Make it Here events, data collection and other activities that enhance the Creative Enterprise Zone’s efforts to advance the area as a center of creative economic development. For more information, visit CreativeEnterpriseZone.org.

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