Childcare System Funding

Children are our future and most important resource.

As a parent, grandparent and retired public health nurse, I know firsthand how important access to quality child care is for all children and their families.

For much too long, our childcare system has lacked financial resources to be affordable for many families and this has made it difficult for parents to maintain adequate employment.

I remember a new mom that I worked with who had to quit her job and go on public assistance because that was the only way she could access subsidized child care resources, since welfare to work resources did not fund childcare. That is so wrong

Not fully funding child care also makes it difficult for centers to offer wages to bring in quality child care workers or maintain the workforce they have when other jobs can offer higher wages.

This state legislative session, Minnesota should use its abundant resources to fully fund a childcare system that works for all our kids, families and providers.

Deb Avenido, Como Park

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