Citizen group will review police protocols

The City of Lauderdale took applications through Oct. 25 for a new three-city group that will work with setting policies with the St. Anthony Police Department and that includes having police wear body cameras. Work group members will be selected by mid-November. The work group will be comprised of three residents from each of the three cities that the St. Anthony Police Department serves as well as city council liaisons from Lauderdale, St. Anthony and Falcon Heights.

The work group’s purpose will review current police policies and protocols, best practices and trends, policy development and present policy recommendations to the St. Anthony police chief and the city councils of the three cities for officer-worn cameras.


Lauderdale Halloween party is Monday, Oct. 31

Lauderdale’s annual Halloween party will be held Monday, Oct. 31, 5-7 p.m. Set up for the event will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 28-30, from 12-8 p.m. Set up includes decorating City Hall, building and decorating a spooky maze, filling candy bags, setting up tables and chairs and more. On the night of the event, volunteers are needed to hand out candy bags, grill hotdogs, serve food and beverages, and of course post event clean up. Many helpers are needed for the event. Sign up to volunteer at


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