City of St. Paul plans park area near Weyerhauser site

The City of St. Paul’s bid to purchase 2.25 acres near the Weyerhauser development off University Avenue was accepted by the developers.

The purchase was part of collaborative effort between the city, the developers, and the St. Anthony Park and Prospect Park neighborhoods. The land is in St. Anthony Park at the border of Minneapolis’s Prospect Park neighborhood.

The St. Anthony Park Community Council’s Land Use Committee worked closely with developers and the City of St. Paul in this process.

Last summer, Plymouth-based developer Dominium bought the 13.3-acre site next to 808 Berry Place, a mixed-income rental property that Dominium opened in 2004. The developer has proposed a 600- to 700-unit apartment complex.

The land purchased by the city will be set aside for a park area. Dominium also agreed to donate additional land for new streets. The St. Anthony Park Community Council plans to be an integral part of the planning as it moves forward.

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