Cleveland Avenue tree protest held Saturday

Several hundred citizens marched on Saturday to protest Ramsey County’s plans this week to start taking down the first of some 150 trees along Cleveland Avenue, from Como and Buford avenues, as part of a road construction project.

“Many residents are distressed about the possible loss of so many mature trees,” said Margot Monson, a St. Anthony Park resident and one of the marchers.

Meanwhile, the St. Anthony Park District 12 Community Council filed a request on Monday with the state Environmental Quality Board asking for an Environmental Assessment Worksheet on the project.

Specifically, the council is asking that “the removal of any trees as part of the Project – not commence and/or continue until a final determination is made on the present petition.”

As of this news report, it was uncertain whether the council’s petition would temporarily delay Ramsey County in removing any trees.

–Scott Carlson, Bugle managing editor. Photos by Lou Michaels

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