In late 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change gave the world a stark warning: The world MUST take unprecedented aggressive action to fight climate change to have even a chance at avoiding the most severe climate change impacts.

In spite of that warning, most national governments have taken only moderate action to cut back greenhouse gas emissions. This level of national government climate inaction is unacceptable if we want a healthy future for our children and grandchildren.

During this void of national leadership on climate action, one positive trend has developed: In the United States and throughout the world: cities, towns and organizations are taking their own steps to act on climate. These localities and groups have acknowledged that we can’t wait for national leaders and have developed a groundswell for climate action from the ground up. Now our national leaders and governments must catch up.

I am proud to say that local action is growing within St. Paul. One specific local effort to combat climate change is being organized by the Saint Paul Federation of Educators.

In fact, in February, SPFE held a virtual town hall meeting to promote the effort to have Saint Paul Public Schools be a leader in developing and/or using community solar. During that town hall and since, we in SPFE and throughout the community have learned how SPPS solar installations can benefit our students and families in many ways (i.e. educationally, environmentally and financially).

Now it’s time to turn that dream into a reality. Students within SPPS, SPFE members and St. Paul residents are organizing to reach the goal of making SPPS a climate action champion through solar. To achieve this goal, we must help the Saint Paul School Board and administration see how much support this effort has from St. Paul residents and SPPS staff and students.

This is where you all come in. I hope you can join this effort by signing our petition for Solar in SPPS.

As our numbers grow, we will get closer and closer to our ultimate goal: a clean, healthy and equitable future for our children and grandchildren. Thank you!

Tom Lucy
 Como Park and SPFE member

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