The owners of CoCreatz, the community co-office sharing venture at Raymond and University avenues, in early September, permanently shut down their nonprofit enterprise, blaming the coronavirus for the closing.

In a statement, the group’s founders said, “We opened Co­Creatz as a community center for gatherings and coworking for South St. Anthony Park, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made that goal unreachable. Being inside a building with people you don’t live with should be limited to only short periods of time, or if for longer periods, only for frontline workers or urgent situations. Coworking meets none of those criteria.

“At this point in the pandemic, it’s clear that being outside is much safer than being inside, and that masks and being six feet apart help. But to what extent masks and distance help in an enclosed space when people are together for hours at a time, sometimes talking, is not a known thing, and we don’t want to market a business that asks people to be human guinea pigs. That is counter to our community-based purpose.”

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