Come to Bugle annual meeting

By Helen Warren

The board and staff of the Park Bugle warmly invite readers to attend our annual meeting on Thursday, June 6 at 7 p.m. The annual meeting will be held at the Ciceron offices located at 2412 Valentine Ave W. in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood.

At the annual meeting, the Park Bugle Board will elect new officers, adopt its budget for 2024-25 and confer with readers about suggestions for improving coverage. This year, we will also celebrate the Park Bugle’s 50th anniversary.

As we close out the 2023-2024 fiscal year, the Bugle board also bids farewell to Kristin Wiersma and Rosann Cahill as they complete their terms. Both provided key strategic guidance and abundant energy. Please come to toast Kristin and Rosann and thank them for their efforts.

The annual meeting is public because the Park Bugle is a community enterprise. Its mission, “to turn readers into neighbors” is best fulfilled when readers and supporters confer directly with the Park Bugle’s board and staff.

If you are feeling unsure about attending, invite a friend to accompany you.

For more information or encouragement to attend, please email Helen Warren, Park Bugle Board President, at 

Helen Warren lives in St. Anthony Park and is chairperson of the Park Bugle board of directors

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