Community meeting to address ‘alley houses’

Community Meeting on Nov. 5 Ten years ago, Macalester College professor David Lanegran identified the lack of affordable housing in general, and for seniors in particular, as two problems in St. Anthony Park. Recently, District 12’s Land Use Efficiency action group has been evaluating ways to improve the range of housing options. One option is to allow small, accessible, easily maintained dwellings, often called “alley houses” or “granny flats,” to be added to the back yard of some single-family homes. Learn how these structures have worked in other places and consider whether they fit here at a community meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of Luther Seminary’s Northwestern Hall, 1501 Fulham St. The District 12 Community Council will hold an open discussion at the meeting to hear neighbors’ response to a proposed local zoning ordinance that would allow these dwellings to be built in the neighborhood.

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