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Issue Hits Close to Home

Finding, creating and maintaining safe, affordable housing for all residents in St. Paul is not getting easier, especially in a pandemic and recession.

But at a meeting of the Como Community Council’s Anti-­Racism Work Group, St. Paul Ward 4 Council member Mitra Jalali talked in detail about city and county efforts to provide more housing stability, especially for residents who currently are homeless or are on the brink of becoming so. You can watch the conversation through the “This is a recording” article at www.district10comopark.org

The discussion covers:

• what’s necessary to change the hearts and minds of residents, including in communities such as Como, to accept and advocate for a larger range of housing options across the city;

• the funding, policy and political hurdles to reducing homelessness, creating more housing for a wider range of people and preserving affordable housing;

• innovative, affordable housing options under consideration (and the challenges to making them happen);

• the complexities that affect decisions by unhoused residents, the professionals trying to find appropriate indoor homes for them and what more the city and residents could do increase safety and support at homeless encampments.

Four Join Neighborhood Honor Roll

Congratulations to Rita Amendola, James Cowles, Molly Fitzel and Olivia Morawiecki, who are the newest members of the District 10 Neighborhood Honor Roll.

The Como Community Council board selected the new honorees in January based on nominations from District 10 residents.

• Amendola was nominated by multiple neighbors “for her many efforts over many years to build a strong, safe and welcoming neighborhood and Como Park community.”

• Cowles also was nominated by multiple neighbors. They cited his “tremendous neighborly generosity”—including middle-of-the-night snow removal on his block—and his bicycle advocacy.

• Fitzel and Morawiecki, of the North End South Como Block Nurse Program, were nominated for their creative efforts to make sure seniors are not alone during the pandemic.

Normally, there is a citywide celebration for honorees from across St. Paul. Because of pandemic restrictions, that won’t happen for a while. However, the District 10 Community Council will add our latest honorees to a permanent plaque that will be displayed in the Como Park Streetcar Station.

Students Returning to Job Corps Center

The U.S. Department of Labor has cleared the Humphrey Job Corps Center to begin allowing students back for classroom training for the first time since last March.

More than 30 students are on campus now, and groups of no more than 10 will return every two weeks. All students must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, and all staff are tested for Covid-19 before interacting with returning students.

Meanwhile, construction is wrapping up—with elevators and work in the gym the last major projects. Crews expect to remove the temporary office trailer from the Arlington parking lot in February.

New Leadership for Western District

The St. Paul Police Department’s Western District has new command staff. Joshua Lego replaces Steve Anderson as senior commander and Salim Omari replaces Kent Cleveland as patrol commander.

Anderson and Cleveland are being transferred after four years in their Western District roles. Lego and Anderson essentially are switching jobs; thus Anderson takes over the citywide property crimes unit. Cleveland takes over the citywide records unit.

Lego has nearly 25 years’ service in the department, including assignments as a station commander, commander of property crimes and in the special operations and family and sexual violence units.

Omari has roughly 14 years of service, including time as senior commander of the internal affairs unit. He has spent nearly half his time on the force in the Western District.

Call or Link into D10 Meetings

Pandemic or not, renters, homeowners and other community members are always welcome to participate in District 10’s board and committee meetings. You can join either by video conference or by phone.

To obtain links, phone numbers or other access information, send a request by email to district10@district10comopark.org. Or, call 651-644-3889. Upcoming meetings:

• Neighborhood Relations: Tuesday, March 2

• Land Use: Wednesday, March 3

• Environment: Wednesday, March 10

• Board: Tuesday, March 16

All meetings begin at 7 p.m. Whenever possible, agendas and other relevant documents are posted in advance in the “Board News” section of District 10’s website: www.district10comopark.org

Submitted by Michael Kuchta, District 10 Community Council executive director.

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