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District 12

St. Anthony Park Community Council committees discuss a variety of issues at their monthly meetings. Below are updates on some recent topics and events.

Supporting local chimney swifts

The District12 Environment Committee is looking to support an overlooked migratory bird in our neighborhood: chimney swifts.

Chimney swifts fly rapidly overhead in small groups, chattering as they fly. They look somewhat like a cigar with boomerang wings. They consume large amounts of mosquitos, gnats and other insects.

Chimney swifts build their nests in hollow trees and readily nest in chimneys. However, their numbers have declined due to a lack of large old trees, especially in south St. Anthony Park and other densely developed urban areas.

These birds’ habitat is also impacted where chimneys are capped. They have been designated as a “species in greatest conservation need” by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Chimney swifts will nest in artificial chimneys and structures.

How can you help?

Contact the environment committee if you find a chimney occupied by chimney swifts so that we can better monitor their habitat. The committee is planning to construct some towers for the 2022 breeding season, as the chimney swifts return from their long winter journey to Peru. Contact the environment committee if you are interested in this project.

To learn more about chimney swifts, and to hear recordings of their calls, check out and

Equity Events: Voter registration and more!

The SAPCC Equity Committee discussed events and activities coming in our community this fall.

The committee plans to, among other things, participate in a voter registration training session at its next meeting in order to plan voter outreach events. More information will be forthcoming.

SAPCC coming to your door!

Normally each fall the St. Anthony Park Community Council hosts a fun community event and fundraiser that helps support our group’s work.

This year, District 12 folks instead will be coming to you (safely and at a distance, of course). We will be masking up and reaching out to our community not only for financial support, but to find out what issues are important to you.

We will be knocking on doors to let you know more about what we do and upcoming initiatives, inviting you to join in on that work.

If you’re interested in getting involved or giving to SAPCC, visit the District 12 website at

SAPCC September meetings

Land Use Committee: 7 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 2

Board Meeting: 7 p.m., ­Thursday, Sept. 9

Environment Committee: 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 22

Equity Committee: 5:30 p.m., Monday, Sept. 27

Transportation Committee: 7 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 28

All meetings are hosted via Zoom. Meeting times are subject to change. If you want to attend a meeting or have questions about joining a committee, please email Kathryn at for the link

Submitted by Jessica Willman, District 12 community organizer.

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