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District 10 blood drive with Como Zoo, Red Cross

In December, District 10 partnered with the Red Cross and Como Zoo & Conservatory to host a community blood drive at the Zoo.

The event raised 36 units of blood collected from 35 donors, seven who were first-time contributors. The collection exceeded the group’s goal of collecting 29 units of blood.

The Red Cross continues, however, to experience a blood supply shortage. Please consider signing up to donate at a time that works for you. Stay tuned for future blood drives in the Como neighborhood.

2021 Como curb cleanup results

Back in October and November, District 10 partnered with Janna Caywood of ComoACN and the Capitol Region Watershed District to lead the Como curb cleanup.

Then in December, participants in the cleanup calculated how much phosphorus and nitrogen in leaves and organic matter, which feeds invasive algae, they prevented from entering Como Lake with this combined community effort. The tally is:

Total responding participants: 61

Total feet cleaned: 31,302 feet

– Number of miles cleaned: 5.9

– Equivalent football field lengths cleaned: 104

– Equivalent number of times around Como Lake cleaned: 3.5

– Number of times to the moon and back cleaned: 0.0000124

Phosphorus estimated in 1 foot of curb: 0.0003125 pounds

Total pounds of phosphorus prevented from reaching Como Lake: 9.78 pounds.

Pounds of curly leaf pond weed this phosphorus amount could produce: 4,891 pounds

Tons it could have produced: 2.45 tons

Join the District 10 Board

Here’s your chance to have a bigger voice in the decisions that affect your neighborhood: Eight seats are up for election in April to the District 10 Como Community Council board.

Any community member in District 10, age 16 or older, is eligible to run for the volunteer board.

The board recently made a change to designate board seats for renters, youth (ages 16-24), and seniors (age 62 and older). That change begins to roll out in April’s election with one renter seat and one youth seat on the ballot. If you fit these criteria, please consider running.

As spelled out in the District 10 bylaws, board seats up for election this year are:

• One representative each from the neighborhood’s four sub-districts.

• Two representatives from the neighborhood at-large.

• One representative from the neighborhood at-large who is a renter.

• One representative from the neighborhood at-large who is a youth (ages 16-24).

These positions serve two-year terms, through April 2024.

To get on the ballot, apply now at https://bit.ly/D10Application. That’s where you can also learn more about the roles and opportunities of board members.

The filing deadline is Sunday, April 3. The election is April 19. For further information, please contact District 10 at district10@district10comopark.org.

Upcoming meetings:

Renters, homeowners and other community members are always welcome to participate in District 10’s board and committee meetings. You can join either by video conference or by phone.

To obtain links or other access information, send a request by email to: district10@district10comopark.org. Or call 651-644-3889.

Neighborhood Relations Committee: Tuesday, Feb. 1

Land Use Committee: Wednesday, Feb. 9

Environment Committee: Tuesday, Feb. 8

All meetings begin at 7 p.m. Whenever possible, agendas and other relevant documents are posted in advance on District 10’s website: www.district10comopark.org

Submitted by Shevek McKee, District 10 Como Community Council executive director

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