Como District 10: Lexington to get new stripes

Lexington in line for new stripes Ramsey County and the city of St. Paul have agreed to restripe Lexington Parkway between Orchard and the Horton/Como intersection.

The most noticeable changes will be northbound: First, the two lanes coming north from Energy Park Drive and Front Avenue will merge into one lane before reaching the railroad bridge. That will eliminate the “weave” after the bridge, steer traffic toward the center of the bridge (which should reduce the number of small trucks hitting the bridge) and give pedestrians on the east side of Lexington more elbow room under the bridge. At the Horton and Como intersection, modifications will include a longer painted turn lane for traffic turning left onto Como. This should accommodate backups that now occur during busy days.

The center lane will be painted with a straight arrow, for traffic continuing north into the park. The existing right lane will be designated as rightturn only onto Horton. No word yet on when new stripes hit the pavement.

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