Como High’s Academy of Finance hosts ‘Tornado Bingo’

Last year, Como Park Senior High opened the Academy of Finance and the Cougar Branch Credit Union, the first credit union inside a St. Paul public school, for students and faculty to use, to teach financial literacy and provide work to students at the school.

Throughout the month of November, Como Park students were invited to play a financial game called “Tornado Bingo,” where participants pick financial words from a word bank and put them on a bingo board.

Each day a new word was drawn and students were asked to come in to the Cougar Branch and define the word. Some of the words used were: “savings plan,” “Direct Deposit,” “ATM card” and “IRA.”

The first student to get a bingo and the first to get a double bingo were given a chance to go in the Cash Tornado, a column of swirling award options that winners go into and try to grab awards.