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New tree tags at Como Park for self-guided Tree Trekking

If you’ve walked through Como Park recently you may have noticed some additional tree identification tags.

Part of the District 10 Como Park Environment Committee’s Tree Trek programming is to plan and install these tags to allow for curious tree lovers to take themselves on a self-guided tree trek. The location and species of all the new (and existing) tags can be found on the D10 website at Updated printable materials are in the works as well. Thanks to volunteer tree expert Stephanie Mirocha and Susan Jane Cheney for their hard work!

Thanks Como volunteers!

District 10 extends a big thank-you to some 30 volunteers who worked at the Sept. 18 Citywide Drop-off event at the State Fairgrounds. More than 500 cars came through the Citywide Drop-off event.

In addition to properly disposing of countless old electronics, mattresses and appliances, District 10 volunteers also collected 500 pounds of food donations!

The Oct. 9 Como Lake Clean-up was also in the running for the most we’ve ever had a lake clean-up!

Como Curb Clean-up

Como Community Council is teaming up with the Como Active Citizen Network and Capitol Region Watershed District on this year’s Como Curb Clean-up.

When it rains, leaves on streets release nutrients into the water that flows into storm drains and the lake. There it becomes food for invasive algae. Studies have shown that sweeping up the leaves that sit against the curb where this stormwater or ice melt flows is surprisingly effective in reducing this damage.

Join more than 100 neighbors sweeping your curb once a week this fall to help keep Como Lake clean. To learn more and register as an “official” participant to help us track our effectiveness here on the D10 website:

Upcoming meetings:

Renters, homeowners and other community members are always welcome to participate in District 10’s board and committee meetings. You can join either by video conference or by phone.

To obtain links or other access information, send a request by email to: Or call 651-644-3889.

Neighborhood Relations: Tuesday, Nov. 2

Land Use Committee: Wednesday, Nov. 3

Environment Committee: Tuesday Nov. 9

Board meeting: Tuesday, Nov. 16

All meetings begin at 7 p.m. Whenever possible, agendas and other relevant documents are posted in advance on District 10’s website:

Submitted by Shevek McKee, District 10 Como Community Council executive director.

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