Como Park couple ‘seizes the day’ as new owners of Healing Elements

By Scott Carlson  

Healing Elements, a health and yoga studio in Milton Square in St. Anthony Park, is under new ownership.

         Neil and Anna Hultgren, of Como Park and owners of the Carpe Diem yoga studio in Minneapolis, in early May took over Healing Elements, 2290 Como Ave., from Samantha Shvetzoff, who sold the business to become a mental health counselor.  

         After attending the Adler Graduate School, Shvetzoff said she has begun seeing clients at the Iris Mental Health Clinic in Burnsville. “I am looking forward to focusing my energy on my new career,” she said.

         Despite the ownership change, much about Healing Elements will remain the same, the Hultgrens told the Bugle. That includes retaining the existing staff and classes with a few additions.

“Our hope is to keep everything that has been so thoughtfully created over the last nine years and only add more elements to help people find wellness in all walks of life,” Anna said. “We are keeping all massage and yoga classes that are currently offered as well as adding in a few more strength/HIIT style classes to create a well-rounded schedule for our members.

“Our hopes are that people will walk into this space and find everything they need for their lifelong health and wellness journey,” Anna continued. “We are blending our two studios together to become Carpe Diem Studios, the two locations will be called Northwind Lofts (in Northeast Minneapolis) and Healing Elements by Carpe Diem Studio.” (Carpe diem means seize the day.)

“We will be keeping on all staff as well as bringing in some new and amazing yoga/fitness instructors as well as our studio manager from our Northeast Studio who will work alongside Healing Elements’ current managers,” Anna said.

The Hultgrens met one another seven years ago while they were kinesiology students at the University of Minnesota. Besides falling in love, Anna and Neil shared a love of health and wellness and a desire to help others through their wellness journeys. They first connected with Samantha Shvetzoff through their CBD business about two years ago. CBD is cannabidiol, a compound found in hemp and cannabis plants that is increasingly popular as a dietary supplement

“Healing Elements started selling our Carpe Diem CBD products in their retail shop and soon after that began to use our CBD muscle cream and lotions for massage and bodywork,” Anna said.

“When Samantha approached us about becoming the new owners of Healing Elements, we knew it was going to be the right fit,” Anna continued. “We had started a yoga studio almost two years ago in Northeast Minneapolis called Carpe Diem Studio and have always dreamed of expanding to a full wellness center. Healing Elements has everything we had hoped to create and room to grow into even more.” 

Scott Carlson is managing editor of the Park Bugle.

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