Como Park District 10 news

Update on District Plan

In May, the District Plan Committee hosted an open house to discuss transportation challenges facing the neighborhood. Attendees engaged in a map exercise that allowed area residents to identify transportation issues and create a catalog of solutions.

The information will help with the completion of the district’s landuse plan, which will eventually be adopted by the St Paul City Council.

More opportunities to participate in the planning process will occur later this year. Subscribe to District 10’s weekly e-newsletter at for updates.

Board elections

Julie Tholen of Breda Avenue was elected to the vacant Subdistrict 1 position (western side of the neighborhood) and Patricia Grans of Simpson Street was elected to the vacant at-large position. There is still one vacancy for a representative of Subdistrict 3 (eastern side, from Victoria to Dale).

Como Park Elementary sign

The District 10 board of directors is sending a second letter to St. Paul Public Schools asking the district to address neighborhood concerns about a new digital sign being erected at Como Park Elementary School.

Residents on Grotto Street have concerns about two digital signs being placed in a one-block area.

The district has not answered repeated queries about the new sign (for example, will it scroll or flash and how bright will it be?), according to Ted Blank, District 10 administrator.

District 10 boundary change

The committee working on implementing the boundary change between Districts 6 and 10 reported that only one person from the South Como area has expressed interest in joining the committee.

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